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Homemade chocolate cookies- chocolaty buttery delicious!

Cookies, dip them in a cup of hot milk or simply eat them dry, crispy! The choice is yours! Chocolate cookies are one of the amazingly delicious cookies that no one can resist, can you?


Preparing cookies at home is in itself a lot of fun. Are you arranging a get-together at your place with your friends and family members? Do you want to surprise them with a basket of homemade cookies? Here is a simple recipe of chocolate cookies that anyone can try at home:


  • Wheat flour- 500gm
  • Crushed sugar- 250gm (as per taste)
  • Ghee- 200gm
  • Cocoa powder- 100gm
  • Milk- 1 to 2 cups (as required)


  • Take 500gm wheat floor in a vessel
  • Add 250gm crushed sugar and 200gm ghee in the wheat floor
  • Add 100gm cocoa powder in the floor and mix it well
  • Pour 1 to 2 cups of milk in the mixture and mix it well until it becomes dough
  • Prepare small pieces of dough in the shape of cookies
  • Take a silver foil and apply ghee on it
  • Place the foil on the tray of tandoor (oven)
  • Pre-heat the tandoor (oven) for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Place the pieces of cookies on the silver foil and keep the tray inside the tandoor for baking
  • Heat the oven for 5 minutes and switch it off
  • Let the tandoor cool down for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Remove the cookies and serve them hot in a place



  • Keep an eye on the cookies while they are kept inside the tandoor for baking so that they are not over-baked
  • You can either serve the cookies hot or eat them once they cool down to room temperature

Garnishing tips:

  • Spread crushed chocolate pieces or chocolate sauce on the cookies and serve them hot
  • You may like to serve hot chocolate cookies with fresh cream
  • Sprinkling crushed pieces of dry fruits on the cookies will add to the taste

Are you crazy about cookies? Try baking them at home, the way you want! Just spare 15-20 minutes and there you go, your cheesy crunchy cookies are ready!


Try hot chocolate cookies with vanilla ice-cream. It is a dream dessert, isn’t it? So what’s your recipe of chocolate cookies?


Russian Salad-Easy crunchy appetizers in your plate!

At many diner parties, barbecue parties, weddings and even socialising parties, you will definitely see starters, appetizers and drinks served before the fine dine. No matter what the occasion is, different salads and starters are always served as a side dish to the main course. Russian Salad is one of the popular side dishes, a classic appetizer that commonly accompanies the main course.

The Russian Salad was first invented in Moscow, Russia, way back in 1860 and still is a popular side dish. French born Lucien Olivier, first prepared the Russian Salad at the Hermitage Restaurant in Moscow. Earlier, different simple recipes of Russian Salads were prepared, with mayonnaise being the chief ingredient. Infact, it is a special mayonnaise stuffed salad that every foodie loves to make.

Today, people love to prepare their choice recipes. As far as Russian Salad is concerned, some add pieces of beet root and green salad leafs while many others mix it with eggs and ham.

Here is a simple recipe of crunchy Russian salad that serves 3 people, a side dish for your main course:


Sr. No Ingredients Quantity Measurement
1 Macaroni 1 bowl 100g
2 Green Pees 1 bowl 100g
3 Fresh Beans 1 bowl 100g
4 Carrots 2 small 150g
5 Potato 1 small 100g 
6 Mayonnaise ½ bowl 2-3 tablespoon
7 Salt   As per taste
8 Pepper   As per taste
9 Pineapple ½ 2-3 pieces
10 Pomegranate 1 bowl 1-2 tablespoon
11 Fresh Cream ½ bowl ½ tablespoon


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Step 1

Slice cut 2 medium size carrots in small pieces

Step 2

Slice cut 1 medium size potato in small square pieces

Step 3

Chop French beans in thin pieces

Step 4

Mix 100g fresh green peas, sliced pieces of carrots, potato, French beans and boil the mixture for 5 minutes

Step 5

Boil 100g macaroni for 10-15 minutes

Step 6

Put the salad in a bowl and add 3 tablespoon mayonnaise sauce

Step 7

Add salt and pepper as per taste and mix well

Step 8

Refrigerate the salad bowl until it is chilled

Garnishing tips

Decorate the salad with Pomegranate seeds, slice of Pineapple and fresh cream. Serve chilled.

The red little crunchy seeds of Pomegranate and pulpy chunks of Pineapple will make your tongue twist inside the mouth. You can add different vegetables as per taste. Enjoy delicious Russian Salad with a glass of wine or simply prepare it as a side dish for your diner.