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Its Total Comedy in Serious Revenge When Lil Jerry & Fat Tom Fight!

The clock rang its bell at ‘9.00’ in the morning. I quickly got up, got ready and went out to buy some stuff.

I was just about to park my bike at a general store, near my area when two small creatures caught my attention. A comedy reminded me of two characters that the whole world has always loved watching on TV. So, what did I see? A cat was chasing a rat, just at the corner of the road. Yes, you guessed it right; it reminded me of a hilarious cartoon series, ‘Tom and Jerry’!


There will be hardly anyone on this planet Earth who never liked watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ show on TV. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most entertaining theatrical comedy animated cartoon produced ever.



It is such fun to watch the ongoing rivalry between a cute little rat and a fat cat. The way they fight, way they chase each other, way they love and care for each other, is nothing but a slapstick comedy.

We get to see total comedy in serious revenge when two little champs, Tom and Jerry tease each other. Every animated plot and scene between them makes you laugh your heart out. Whether it is a fight, revenge, rivalry, care or love, you surely hold your stomach and laugh aloud for every moment happening between them.



At times their true friendship is displayed wherein their love and concern for each other is clearly seen. Most of the times, Tom attempts to run to catch Jerry but he always fails in his attempt. Jerry succeeds in escaping by using his cleverness, tactics and smart acts. At times this cute little rat and fat cat sets their rivalry aside to fight together for a common cause.

This cartoon is famous for Tom’s violent tools like axes, fire arms, hammers, explosives and even poison which he uses to murder Jerry. Likewise, Jerry’s methods of defense like slicing Tom’s tail in pieces, banging him on the door, chopping his tail with knife, breaking his teeth or sticking fire crackers on his feet and lightening them, are equally cherished by the audiences.



The music that is played to support each fight, emotion, action and scene, adds cherry on the cake!

Last but not the least, ‘Tom and Jerry’ is one of the stress buster programs that audience of all ages love watching.

Thanks to the cat and the rat that I saw on the road side today, I remembered ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon.