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Divided by cities yet united by one cause-The IPL Trophy

As India still remembers their biggest win over the best Cricket team of the world, Australia, the Indian team divides itself to win one of the prestigious trophies, the IPL.


Every year, each cricket crazy fan waits for the start of the most glamorous game of cricket, IPL tournament. As the sixth version of Indian Premier League IPL kicked off on 2nd April with eye catchy performances, music and dance from Pitbull, Katrina, Bappi Lahiri and Shah Rukh Khan, stadiums will remain busy with action packed matches from today.


When it comes to Cricket in India, it has always been a great atmosphere on the field as well as off the field, it will always be. As IPL came in to picture in 2008, it gave people a chance to enjoy the game in a different way.


Ofcourse, cheerleaders in IPL are the biggest attractions! Aren’t they? If Cricket is the game worshiped in India, cheerleaders are making the game cheesy and glamorous. Every team, backed up with beautiful group of cheerleaders, is the icing on the cake for crazy Cricket fans. When every ball that is smashed over the boundary line is applauded by the cheerleaders in a different way, it’s different.


Long gone are the days when fans in the stadium used to dance only when the ball was hit beyond the boundary or a wicket was fallen. Thanks to IPL, crazy cricket fans get a chance to dance and roar when the gorgeous cheerleaders dance in skin-fit dress. There is no stopping in the strategic time out as well! The dance performance from cheerleaders, music on the stage and loud roar from every seat, keeps the heat on!

Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Punjab, Delhi, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Pune are the teams who will fight for the big fat IPL trophy.

The craze of Indian Premier League is a hit amongst every cricketing fan, not just in India but all over in the world. People enjoy IPL matches, not just on TV but also on big screens that are arranged in malls, theaters and hotels.


This year, yet again, fans wait and watch for the one who would lift the trophy! Game On!


Running up the hills, hard to say ‘no’

I see myself as a guy who likes to exercise regularly. Being a foodie, I make sure to work-out on a regular note. Visiting a gym is optional for me but doing natural exercises like warm-ups, push-ups, dips, Surya Namaskar, jogging and crunches is a routine.

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Waking up early in the morning at 6.00 am to reach a nearby hill for a jog is always there on the cards for me. It’s the best time of the day, a pleasure to run in fresh air. I consider running on the hill as a beautiful fitness routine. Even if you walk, up the hill, it does make a difference. As my home is positioned in between Chatturshringi Temple, Symbiosis College Hill and Law College Hill, I always have a choice to make.

What I like the most about jogging, up on the mountains is, I get the best chance to test my speed, stamina, fitness and capacity. When I run a distance, my tongue does come out like a dog and my tummy gets a painful pinch. Lol

Running up on the hill drains out every drop of water from the body, but the feeling that I get after covering a distance is just priceless. My experience of running says, ‘the slower you run, more the distance you will cover. ‘Slower’ doesnt actually mean very slow. Just avoid to sprint from the word go. The only thing that you need to do well to run more is breathe, breathe hard.

A slow and steady start is what you need to make to cover more distance. Maintain the pace, control the breath and move your hands to support your run. Carrying a bottle of water to sip in between is good. Infact, it is a must! It’s a low-risk approach actually. More the water your body drains out in the form of sweat, more you need to drink to regain lost energy. Even a fresh lime juice would do the trick. For those who exercise regularly, it’s never hard to say ‘yes’ to run up the hills.

The pleasure of running on the hill is truly magical. It is different! It’s an amazing feeling when you run in between tall green trees surrounded by rocks. When the sun peeps out from the trees, I just feel like saying ‘Good Morning, thanks for the light you share’. Nature is at its best, when I jog on the rocks, with trees standing tall.

Jogging is priceless! When the sweat rolls down the body, when calf muscles feel the pull and when tummy gets the crunches, you’ll get the feeling of a perfect run. Don’t forget to drink water in breaks, just smaller sips to regain energy lost in sweat!

Running up the hills! It’s really hard to say ‘no’ to it!