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Its Total Comedy in Serious Revenge When Lil Jerry & Fat Tom Fight!

The clock rang its bell at ‘9.00’ in the morning. I quickly got up, got ready and went out to buy some stuff.

I was just about to park my bike at a general store, near my area when two small creatures caught my attention. A comedy reminded me of two characters that the whole world has always loved watching on TV. So, what did I see? A cat was chasing a rat, just at the corner of the road. Yes, you guessed it right; it reminded me of a hilarious cartoon series, ‘Tom and Jerry’!


There will be hardly anyone on this planet Earth who never liked watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ show on TV. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most entertaining theatrical comedy animated cartoon produced ever.



It is such fun to watch the ongoing rivalry between a cute little rat and a fat cat. The way they fight, way they chase each other, way they love and care for each other, is nothing but a slapstick comedy.

We get to see total comedy in serious revenge when two little champs, Tom and Jerry tease each other. Every animated plot and scene between them makes you laugh your heart out. Whether it is a fight, revenge, rivalry, care or love, you surely hold your stomach and laugh aloud for every moment happening between them.



At times their true friendship is displayed wherein their love and concern for each other is clearly seen. Most of the times, Tom attempts to run to catch Jerry but he always fails in his attempt. Jerry succeeds in escaping by using his cleverness, tactics and smart acts. At times this cute little rat and fat cat sets their rivalry aside to fight together for a common cause.

This cartoon is famous for Tom’s violent tools like axes, fire arms, hammers, explosives and even poison which he uses to murder Jerry. Likewise, Jerry’s methods of defense like slicing Tom’s tail in pieces, banging him on the door, chopping his tail with knife, breaking his teeth or sticking fire crackers on his feet and lightening them, are equally cherished by the audiences.



The music that is played to support each fight, emotion, action and scene, adds cherry on the cake!

Last but not the least, ‘Tom and Jerry’ is one of the stress buster programs that audience of all ages love watching.

Thanks to the cat and the rat that I saw on the road side today, I remembered ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon.


Homemade chocolate cookies- chocolaty buttery delicious!

Cookies, dip them in a cup of hot milk or simply eat them dry, crispy! The choice is yours! Chocolate cookies are one of the amazingly delicious cookies that no one can resist, can you?


Preparing cookies at home is in itself a lot of fun. Are you arranging a get-together at your place with your friends and family members? Do you want to surprise them with a basket of homemade cookies? Here is a simple recipe of chocolate cookies that anyone can try at home:


  • Wheat flour- 500gm
  • Crushed sugar- 250gm (as per taste)
  • Ghee- 200gm
  • Cocoa powder- 100gm
  • Milk- 1 to 2 cups (as required)


  • Take 500gm wheat floor in a vessel
  • Add 250gm crushed sugar and 200gm ghee in the wheat floor
  • Add 100gm cocoa powder in the floor and mix it well
  • Pour 1 to 2 cups of milk in the mixture and mix it well until it becomes dough
  • Prepare small pieces of dough in the shape of cookies
  • Take a silver foil and apply ghee on it
  • Place the foil on the tray of tandoor (oven)
  • Pre-heat the tandoor (oven) for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Place the pieces of cookies on the silver foil and keep the tray inside the tandoor for baking
  • Heat the oven for 5 minutes and switch it off
  • Let the tandoor cool down for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Remove the cookies and serve them hot in a place



  • Keep an eye on the cookies while they are kept inside the tandoor for baking so that they are not over-baked
  • You can either serve the cookies hot or eat them once they cool down to room temperature

Garnishing tips:

  • Spread crushed chocolate pieces or chocolate sauce on the cookies and serve them hot
  • You may like to serve hot chocolate cookies with fresh cream
  • Sprinkling crushed pieces of dry fruits on the cookies will add to the taste

Are you crazy about cookies? Try baking them at home, the way you want! Just spare 15-20 minutes and there you go, your cheesy crunchy cookies are ready!


Try hot chocolate cookies with vanilla ice-cream. It is a dream dessert, isn’t it? So what’s your recipe of chocolate cookies?

Egg Art-Fast Emerging Creativity Amongst Artists

Egg curry, half-boiled, single-fry, double-fry, omelette and much more! Mouth watering, aren’t they! Every egg-lover loves to try their hands on them differently. Don’t you!

What about eggs, as a topping on various starters, soups, side-dishes, meals and even desserts? They definitely taste yummy!

That’s not all! What about egg shells used as a base material for painting? Are you one of those who love to try hands on egg art, paint on them or simply, create some art out of them? Yes, that’s right, for art lovers, egg shells are one of their beloved modern art materials!

Though Egg Art is a unique concept, it is been considered as one of the most beautiful ways of creative art, by many artists. For thousands of artists, egg shells are priceless! Because egg painting is smooth, creative and attractive, it has gained popularity in most of the European countries. Though this art can be practiced on eggs of any birds, they can be best done on egg shells of birds like Ostrich, Duck, Goose and Hen. Available in many colours, the artists get a chance to try their creativity on eggs of a variety of birds.

The oldest egg shell decorated with hatched pattern was in South Africa, almost 60 000 years ago! Today artists craft egg shells by carving or etching them. Some add colours to beautify their outer looks while many others like to decorate the eggs by pasting papers and designer jewellery on them. Beading the egg shells with stones and other light weight designer artificial jewellery materials is the art of the hour.

What you need, to do egg art?

For people who lack patience, egg art is nearly impossible. You need to have following qualities to be a successful egg artist:

  • Patience to sit for long hours
  • Concentration to jot down a unique design on the shells
  • Soft hands to avoid any damage to the egg shells while working on them

What kind of egg art can be practiced?

  • Egg painting- water colours, oil paints, dry colours, crayons and pencil colours
  • Egg carvings- using tiny drilling machines to carve designs on the shells
  • Egg beading- sticking stones, pebbles and other material on the shells
  • Egg stands- decorating egg shells and using them as art pieces on stands
  • Egg key chains- making key chains out of egg shells

Egg art, a fantastic creativity, should be tried by every artist!

Art of any kind being my hobby, I have tried my hands on egg shells with my creative ideas and modern art. Images of egg shells displayed throughout this blog are my creations. Though It was very tough to design them, I enjoyed creating them! I still do!










Egg shell painting is a realy fast emerging passion amongst the artists! Isn’t it folks? Enjoy articulating your shells, your way!