The Dabbawalas Of Mumbai

Posted: June 2, 2012 in heroes

The Dabbawalas Of Mumbai!

They are in the Gunnies Books of World Records! Their management lessons are taught to students in schools like Indian institute of Management in Ahmedabad, IFIM Business School in Bangalore and Richard Ivey School of Business in Ontario. Their operations are 99.9999 percent error free, no wonder their performance is Six Sigma registered. They are now the management gurus for many industrialists. They are non-other than, The Dabbawalas of Mumbai. Hats off to them!

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Irrespective of what weather says, the dabbawalas take efforts to fulfill the hunger of Mumbaikars, every day. Every morning, they pick up lunch boxes from the houses of office goers to deliver them at their respective office. After lunch, they collect the lunch boxes and deliver them back to their homes. Not a single day is missed and not a single dabba is misplaced. This routine is being followed by the dabbawalas since past 120 successful years.

They sweat in the sun and get wet in the rains, just to fill the hunger and thirst of thousands of residents in Mumbai. And thats not all, they are a subject of major television networks and BBC documentaries for their error free management of operations. The dabbawalas hardly miss out on any delivery. Strong communities of 5000 dabbawalas reach out to over 250000 Mumbaikars for timely delivery of their lunch boxes. The dabbawalas of Mumbai city are popular for their punctuality, organization, efficiency and management of daily operations.

Although Mumbaikars are used to crowded local trains, it is a tough task to carry any luggage along with. Kudos to the dabbawalas, they load and unload thousands of dabbas in the boogies. And that’s not all; they rightly remember which dabbas belong to which address. Not a single dabba is misplaced, thanks to the code which they memorize! By unloading the dabbas at stations, the dabbawalas load them back on their cycle or on their hand-carts to deliver them from door to door.

After all hard work, the only thing these dabbawalas carry on their face, is a smile. Dabbawalas of Mumbai, they are the real heros!


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