An odd day for a shopkeeper in Koregaon Park

Posted: May 22, 2012 in funny

An odd day for a shopkeeper in Koregaon Park

Sometimes, what we see and what we hear, give us a topic to chat about. Not sometimes, actually it happens every day. We do react to other’s actions, we do chat about what we hear and we do write about funny things that we come across. A similar incident happened today, when an impatient shopkeeper in Koregaon Park gave me a topic to write on. The reason why I tagged him as ‘Impatient’ is because he behaved that way.

On a nice sunny day, the sun showered its hottest rays. At lunch, six of us ate a finger licking meal. Yummy! After our lunch, like every day, we went down to drink sugar cane juice. Just what the doctor ordered for a hot day. Oops, we were not lucky enough to drink a chilled glass of sugarcane juice. “The motor is not working sir”, said the juice maker. For a change, we all had a food craving. First we wanted to drink sugarcane juice and then we wanted to eat ice-candies.

We turned back and started walking towards a shop. This shopkeeper runs a general store at Lane 5, Koregaon Park which sells snacks, cakes, grains, cold drinks, soaps, cigarettes and ice cream. Many other eatables were well arranged in the shop.

We were standing outside, on one side of the shop, chatting, laughing and having our fun. As we entered the shop, I asked for ice-candies that he had. “Mango Dolly, Strawberry Dolly, Choco Bar, Crunchy Bar……..” he gave us the options.

I just turned back to tell my mates, what flavors were available. As I was asking my friends about what they wanted to eat, the shopkeeper yelled at me, “Please decide fast on what you all want to eat. Because of your big group, my other customers have to wait behind. Because of your crowd, some of them even don’t enter our shop; they just go in other shops. I can’t afford to lose my customers”

As I asked him to give us six ice candies, I just turned behind to see how many ‘hundreds’ of customers were standing behind us, waiting for their turn. There was just one person, that too standing beside us, who had already paid the bill for what he had purchased.

Our first reaction was anger. Obviously! But then we laughed at him! So, did we actually buy anything from that shop? No, we didn’t! As he was about to give us six ice candies that we had ordered, we turned our backs and went to another shop. He couldn’t say anything, dare he!

And this was not our ego that we ate nothing, it was self-respect. I guess he just forgot that ‘customer is the king’.

The shopkeeper might have fought with his wife, or it might just be an odd day for him. The way he reacted was weird. We got back at him, by purchasing nothing.

He surely lost six of his regular customers.

  1. Aditya Babar says:

    I m damn he must have have got too many unpaid bills in his credit diary which he would have seen just before we entered his shop..hehe…jokes apart, but he lost his 6 regular customers forever..God forgive him !!

  2. Good you posted this atleste people will be aware what is it like to come across stupid shope keeper.. Good one. 🙂

  3. Hey i didn’t like the attitude of shopkeeper’s .. Thanks Manas for choosing this topic … Shop keeper must be having bad day for him as he has lost many kings and queens (customers) like us .

    Happy Blogging !!!

  4. Pooja says:

    Good job Manas!!!!..Like Like Like

    • manas says:

      Hey thanks, really had a weird funny experience wit tht guy… Thanks to him, i got a topic to blog.. More such funny stuff to come 🙂

  5. sushma says:

    great …

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