‘Angry Birds’-More Than Just A Strategy Game!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in funny

‘Angry Birds’-More Than Just A Strategy Game!

I had heard a lot about those colorful tiny birds. So, after I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Y, Android Phone, the first application I downloaded was, non-other than ‘Angry Birds’. No doubt, most of the Android owners do the same! Just like other users, I went on completing levels of the game, sitting at home, in office, in bathroom and at the dinner table. You just get addicted to the birds.

Tell you what; Angry Birds really make you laugh aloud when they yell to fly in their animated tones. Hey, I felt like being one, all set for a revenge! lol

The best part is, all Angry Birds jump with different expressions on face but throw the same attitude. Egg Birds, Mighty Eagle, Red Birds, Boomerang Birds, Blue Splitting Birds, Yellow Birds and Giant Red Birds, all of them fly with one wish, a wish to take revenge on the pigs.

When they were first introduced as a game in Androids, people just dint wanted to put down their phone.  They continued playing. Why not, it’s real fun. I did the same! Game on! Yes, you must have used the powers of birds to demolish the greedy pig’s forts. That’s the way they could take a revenge on the pigs who stole their little eggs. Remember how they flew high with full energy, when you pushed them for revenge? They still do!

Anyways, ‘Angry Birds’ finally got a smile on their face! Am I kidding you? No! ‘Angry Birds’ are seen everywhere, more than just in the Androids. As they are being cuddled more than in the game, they have become more popular than many cartoon characters. Yeah, they really have!

On one fine day, when my office HR dropped a mail saying, “For this Friday Fun session, we will be having Rangoli competition”, all girls started giggling about what their theme could be. God knows from where they all came up with crazy ideas. Kudos to them! No wonder, the group who drew ‘Angry Birds’ on the floor was declared the winner. There you go, Angry Birds, for a change, were drawn dancing all over the floor.

That’s not all; Angry Birds have become a favorite design for t-shirts. Not just the kids, but even the college goers wear them. Imagine a plain white or black t-shirt with different birds printed all over. What a combination it is!

What about the icing on the cake? Angry Birds never look so angry when they are assorted into flavored cream as a topping on the cake. They not only look creamy but also taste delicious! ssluup yummy

Kids carry their favorite Angry Birds in schools as well. Yeah, they are printed on their school bags. Egg Birds, Mighty Eagle and Red Birds are the popular themes for the bags.

As tattooing is a fashion followed by millions of people, designs of Angry Birds give them more variety.

What more about Angry Birds? Oh yes, even the soft toys are stitched in their shapes.

Truly, ‘Angry Birds’ are more than just in the game! Flying all over!

  1. my rangoliiiiiii…. yeyyyyyy

  2. Tanisha says:

    awesome …. thnks for writing bout our rangoli!!!

  3. Exactly angry bird is just not game or application,no wonder u picked up the topic for ur blog 🙂
    Enjoy playing 🙂

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