Paint Of A Different Kind- The Art Of Tattooing

Posted: May 16, 2012 in funny

Paint Of A Different Kind- The Art Of Tattooing

‘Ouch’ you would say when the smallest pin pricks your skin while stitching the clothes. But ‘aaah’ would be your reaction when a pin is poked for a tattoo. The small looking drilling gun used for tattooing may not look like a monster machine but bleeds your skin to ink the tattoo you desire.

Tattooing, for some people is a trend to showoff body beauty. For others, it is just a drug, a habit which they continue. All in all it’s just another name to ‘Fashion’, which people of all ages follow. From traditional black and white tattoos to modern multicolored designs, tattooing on different body parts has grown as a fad.

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Gone are the days when only girls with a perfect figure enjoyed exposing their beautiful skin and guys liked to show off their handsome physique with tattoos inked. Today, any Tom, Dick and Harry, irrespective of their body size, get a beautiful looking tattoo inked on their skin. The skin color doesn’t matter either! Whether your skin is soft or hard, you can get a perfect shade tattoo inked to suit your skin tone. Rather, today’s beautiful colored tattoos, when inked on the skin, adds glamour to your body.

Not just the grownups, but kids too are crazy for tattooing their body. For those who want to permanently print tattoos on their skin, availability of different shades give them a chance to choose the best one. For crazy tattoo lovers, a single tattoo is never enough. Kids fulfill their tattooing desires by inking temporary tattoo designs of cartoons, fairy characters, WWF personalities, and much more.

Tattooing is a growing trend among people of different cultures in all countries. Girls look gorgeous when they paint it red on their beautiful neck, on the knees, on hips, on back or on the soft shoulder line. Guys fashion tattoos on their strong forearms, biceps, on legs or on shoulders.

You don’t need to be muscular to get tattooed. You may want to ink a message on your hand or get a face outlined on the chest, the choice is yours! Inking letters, poems, phrases and names in calligraphic fonts is a rising trend among girls. Tattooing faces, expressions, eyes, masks, zip codes, clowns, clocks, cards, and God signs, are common visuals for the guys.

The beauty of seasonal tattooing is different! People change tattoos, just like they change clothes as per the season. Fans ink names of their favorite players or team logos during a Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup or even Olympics. It goes without saying, that different tattoo festivals that are being organized globally, give tattoo lovers a chance to add new designs in their list.

The beauty and efforts to ink the tattoo, is the reason why art of tattooing has become so popular.

‘Tattoos’, the paint of a different kind, has gained worldwide acceptance!

  1. Megha says:

    Really i must say… Tattoos are the paint of different kind to improves beauty of body for all human beings… Really very nice post…

  2. Tanmay says:

    Great work Manas!!!

  3. Well i must say its a great work,I am actualy thinking to get tatto done after reading This.
    Good job. 🙂 Look forward for more to come

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