Music at work is magic!

Posted: May 2, 2012 in funny
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Music at work is magic!

It was one of those boring days, when I was just sitting in my office, doing nothing! Unable to work properly as my attention was elsewhere. No doubt, it was just another Monday, when hardly anyone likes to work! Thanks to the usual Monday Blues!

At half day, we got-together for lunch in the office cafeteria. We ate, hogged actually, as we had to handle loads of work in the second half. As expected, I was feeling sleepy after a finger-licking lunch! The cherry on cake was a plate of piping hot Gulab Jamuns, that I gulped down after lunch. I had to feel dizzy. Literally, I rested my head on my desk and fell asleep. A few other lazy employees, my team mates, did the same!

Just a few minutes later, my senior played some music on the speakers to wake us up and get us back to work. As one of the speakers was just above my head, I was one of those who got up immediately after the first drum was beaten. I was not just awake, but got a kick in my head! Now don’t think silly, no one kicked my head. lol Just like you get a kick in your head with a few sips of wine, I got a kick with the music that was played at work. Pumped up to wind-up the remaining work! Actually, I could finish-off the work in 3 hours and had an hour left for some TP in evening.

I then played a few boards of carom with a hot cup of cappuccino in one hand!

“Music at work is magic.” I said, as I was boosted to speed-up with my tasks!

Music at work, no matter what kind of tune it is, can be really a magic to help you wind up the work in a hurry. You just can’t go wrong while you work with your favorite music being played.

Music surely lifts you up from your depressed mood, relaxes you after a hectic day or even boosts you to get ready for a sport. The joy and excitement of music during festivals is different! Music at work is really different. It’s a way to concentrate on work and it does work that way.

For some employees, music at work is a mood changer while for others, it’s a routine. May it be an old time hit, a gazal, pop, remix or movie songs, it changes your mood, even at work!

Play it on your PC and turn on the speakers or put-on your headphones.

Music at work is magic, it really is!

  1. Swati says:

    True said…Its like getting escaped from work loaded Monday’s and days to come to musical hell !! 🙂 lol but Music increases productivity no wonder your Boss played music to charge you guys !!

    • manas says:

      Yeah… Music, not just on monday’s, bt evryday is magic… Played by anyone, it lets u work when u r not in a mood to work 😉

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