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Cooking -As Tasty As It Can Get

Posted: May 29, 2012 in cuisine

Cooking -As Tasty As It Can Get

So, when did I come to know that I am a good cook? Well, during my school days, I used to roll chapatis in shapes of maps, cut vegetables and even boil the eggs for breakfast. Now, I have learnt many recipes. Yeah, I do cook at home often and have tried many recipes so far. Being a foodie helps me try different recipes.

It was a year ago, when our office had planned a cooking day. I was the first employee to get excited when the HR announced about ‘Cooking Day’ being planned in office. We all had to form groups and cook for the entire office. This was the first time that I tried my hand at Veg Pulao, for as many as 25 people. Yeah, right, I did cook for 25 people, and tell you what, it tasted awesome. Finger licking good!

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On the Boxing Day, the ‘Cooking Day’ I came to office all bags packed with required ingredients. The gas cylinder and utensils was already set-up in the lunch room with other basic requirements.

Here is the recipe of Veg Pulao that I cooked


  • Rice-2kg
  • Onion-1kg
  • Paneer-500g
  • Carrot-500g
  • Pineapple-250g
  • Mava/khava-250g
  • Green peas-250g
  • Butter-250g
  • Cauliflower-250g
  • Fresh green chilies 2
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • Pepper (as per taste)


  • Heat some butter in a hot pan and fry the green chilies until they turn brown.
  • As the butter melts, fry the onions, carrots, green peas, cauliflower and paneer until they turn golden-yellow.
  • Add salt and pepper in the mixture and set it aside.
  • Cook the rice in a normal utensil, not in a cooker. Add some salt as per taste in the rice as well.
  • Mix the cooked rice in the above mixture and stir well on a low flame.
  • Sprinkle the mava and pineapple chunks equally in the rice at the end.
  • Serve hot Veg Pulao with a cherry on top.

For me, icing on the cake was, the rice recipe turned out to be very tasty. I enjoy cooking and enjoyed it this time more.

Cooking is exciting, yes it is! No matter how good or bad you are at it, you can at least give a try. When you see seeds of green chilly pop-up in the hot pan, or fresh green peas swim in the butter, you will have water in your mouth. Wont you? When the butter melts on those juicy paneer pieces and when the mava/khava sweetens the slices of carrots for a yummy taste, you feel like being the first one to taste them.

Anyone can cook and when it comes to the recipe, choice is yours. At times, you get tempted to try your hand to cook your favorite recipe! Don’t you?

The message was beautifully passed in the Hollywood film Ratatouille, ‘Anyone can cook!’ So did me!


Running up the hills, hard to say ‘no’

I see myself as a guy who likes to exercise regularly. Being a foodie, I make sure to work-out on a regular note. Visiting a gym is optional for me but doing natural exercises like warm-ups, push-ups, dips, Surya Namaskar, jogging and crunches is a routine.

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Waking up early in the morning at 6.00 am to reach a nearby hill for a jog is always there on the cards for me. It’s the best time of the day, a pleasure to run in fresh air. I consider running on the hill as a beautiful fitness routine. Even if you walk, up the hill, it does make a difference. As my home is positioned in between Chatturshringi Temple, Symbiosis College Hill and Law College Hill, I always have a choice to make.

What I like the most about jogging, up on the mountains is, I get the best chance to test my speed, stamina, fitness and capacity. When I run a distance, my tongue does come out like a dog and my tummy gets a painful pinch. Lol

Running up on the hill drains out every drop of water from the body, but the feeling that I get after covering a distance is just priceless. My experience of running says, ‘the slower you run, more the distance you will cover. ‘Slower’ doesnt actually mean very slow. Just avoid to sprint from the word go. The only thing that you need to do well to run more is breathe, breathe hard.

A slow and steady start is what you need to make to cover more distance. Maintain the pace, control the breath and move your hands to support your run. Carrying a bottle of water to sip in between is good. Infact, it is a must! It’s a low-risk approach actually. More the water your body drains out in the form of sweat, more you need to drink to regain lost energy. Even a fresh lime juice would do the trick. For those who exercise regularly, it’s never hard to say ‘yes’ to run up the hills.

The pleasure of running on the hill is truly magical. It is different! It’s an amazing feeling when you run in between tall green trees surrounded by rocks. When the sun peeps out from the trees, I just feel like saying ‘Good Morning, thanks for the light you share’. Nature is at its best, when I jog on the rocks, with trees standing tall.

Jogging is priceless! When the sweat rolls down the body, when calf muscles feel the pull and when tummy gets the crunches, you’ll get the feeling of a perfect run. Don’t forget to drink water in breaks, just smaller sips to regain energy lost in sweat!

Running up the hills! It’s really hard to say ‘no’ to it!

An odd day for a shopkeeper in Koregaon Park

Sometimes, what we see and what we hear, give us a topic to chat about. Not sometimes, actually it happens every day. We do react to other’s actions, we do chat about what we hear and we do write about funny things that we come across. A similar incident happened today, when an impatient shopkeeper in Koregaon Park gave me a topic to write on. The reason why I tagged him as ‘Impatient’ is because he behaved that way.

On a nice sunny day, the sun showered its hottest rays. At lunch, six of us ate a finger licking meal. Yummy! After our lunch, like every day, we went down to drink sugar cane juice. Just what the doctor ordered for a hot day. Oops, we were not lucky enough to drink a chilled glass of sugarcane juice. “The motor is not working sir”, said the juice maker. For a change, we all had a food craving. First we wanted to drink sugarcane juice and then we wanted to eat ice-candies.

We turned back and started walking towards a shop. This shopkeeper runs a general store at Lane 5, Koregaon Park which sells snacks, cakes, grains, cold drinks, soaps, cigarettes and ice cream. Many other eatables were well arranged in the shop.

We were standing outside, on one side of the shop, chatting, laughing and having our fun. As we entered the shop, I asked for ice-candies that he had. “Mango Dolly, Strawberry Dolly, Choco Bar, Crunchy Bar……..” he gave us the options.

I just turned back to tell my mates, what flavors were available. As I was asking my friends about what they wanted to eat, the shopkeeper yelled at me, “Please decide fast on what you all want to eat. Because of your big group, my other customers have to wait behind. Because of your crowd, some of them even don’t enter our shop; they just go in other shops. I can’t afford to lose my customers”

As I asked him to give us six ice candies, I just turned behind to see how many ‘hundreds’ of customers were standing behind us, waiting for their turn. There was just one person, that too standing beside us, who had already paid the bill for what he had purchased.

Our first reaction was anger. Obviously! But then we laughed at him! So, did we actually buy anything from that shop? No, we didn’t! As he was about to give us six ice candies that we had ordered, we turned our backs and went to another shop. He couldn’t say anything, dare he!

And this was not our ego that we ate nothing, it was self-respect. I guess he just forgot that ‘customer is the king’.

The shopkeeper might have fought with his wife, or it might just be an odd day for him. The way he reacted was weird. We got back at him, by purchasing nothing.

He surely lost six of his regular customers.

‘Angry Birds’-More Than Just A Strategy Game!

I had heard a lot about those colorful tiny birds. So, after I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Y, Android Phone, the first application I downloaded was, non-other than ‘Angry Birds’. No doubt, most of the Android owners do the same! Just like other users, I went on completing levels of the game, sitting at home, in office, in bathroom and at the dinner table. You just get addicted to the birds.

Tell you what; Angry Birds really make you laugh aloud when they yell to fly in their animated tones. Hey, I felt like being one, all set for a revenge! lol

The best part is, all Angry Birds jump with different expressions on face but throw the same attitude. Egg Birds, Mighty Eagle, Red Birds, Boomerang Birds, Blue Splitting Birds, Yellow Birds and Giant Red Birds, all of them fly with one wish, a wish to take revenge on the pigs.

When they were first introduced as a game in Androids, people just dint wanted to put down their phone.  They continued playing. Why not, it’s real fun. I did the same! Game on! Yes, you must have used the powers of birds to demolish the greedy pig’s forts. That’s the way they could take a revenge on the pigs who stole their little eggs. Remember how they flew high with full energy, when you pushed them for revenge? They still do!

Anyways, ‘Angry Birds’ finally got a smile on their face! Am I kidding you? No! ‘Angry Birds’ are seen everywhere, more than just in the Androids. As they are being cuddled more than in the game, they have become more popular than many cartoon characters. Yeah, they really have!

On one fine day, when my office HR dropped a mail saying, “For this Friday Fun session, we will be having Rangoli competition”, all girls started giggling about what their theme could be. God knows from where they all came up with crazy ideas. Kudos to them! No wonder, the group who drew ‘Angry Birds’ on the floor was declared the winner. There you go, Angry Birds, for a change, were drawn dancing all over the floor.

That’s not all; Angry Birds have become a favorite design for t-shirts. Not just the kids, but even the college goers wear them. Imagine a plain white or black t-shirt with different birds printed all over. What a combination it is!

What about the icing on the cake? Angry Birds never look so angry when they are assorted into flavored cream as a topping on the cake. They not only look creamy but also taste delicious! ssluup yummy

Kids carry their favorite Angry Birds in schools as well. Yeah, they are printed on their school bags. Egg Birds, Mighty Eagle and Red Birds are the popular themes for the bags.

As tattooing is a fashion followed by millions of people, designs of Angry Birds give them more variety.

What more about Angry Birds? Oh yes, even the soft toys are stitched in their shapes.

Truly, ‘Angry Birds’ are more than just in the game! Flying all over!

Paint Of A Different Kind- The Art Of Tattooing

‘Ouch’ you would say when the smallest pin pricks your skin while stitching the clothes. But ‘aaah’ would be your reaction when a pin is poked for a tattoo. The small looking drilling gun used for tattooing may not look like a monster machine but bleeds your skin to ink the tattoo you desire.

Tattooing, for some people is a trend to showoff body beauty. For others, it is just a drug, a habit which they continue. All in all it’s just another name to ‘Fashion’, which people of all ages follow. From traditional black and white tattoos to modern multicolored designs, tattooing on different body parts has grown as a fad.

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Gone are the days when only girls with a perfect figure enjoyed exposing their beautiful skin and guys liked to show off their handsome physique with tattoos inked. Today, any Tom, Dick and Harry, irrespective of their body size, get a beautiful looking tattoo inked on their skin. The skin color doesn’t matter either! Whether your skin is soft or hard, you can get a perfect shade tattoo inked to suit your skin tone. Rather, today’s beautiful colored tattoos, when inked on the skin, adds glamour to your body.

Not just the grownups, but kids too are crazy for tattooing their body. For those who want to permanently print tattoos on their skin, availability of different shades give them a chance to choose the best one. For crazy tattoo lovers, a single tattoo is never enough. Kids fulfill their tattooing desires by inking temporary tattoo designs of cartoons, fairy characters, WWF personalities, and much more.

Tattooing is a growing trend among people of different cultures in all countries. Girls look gorgeous when they paint it red on their beautiful neck, on the knees, on hips, on back or on the soft shoulder line. Guys fashion tattoos on their strong forearms, biceps, on legs or on shoulders.

You don’t need to be muscular to get tattooed. You may want to ink a message on your hand or get a face outlined on the chest, the choice is yours! Inking letters, poems, phrases and names in calligraphic fonts is a rising trend among girls. Tattooing faces, expressions, eyes, masks, zip codes, clowns, clocks, cards, and God signs, are common visuals for the guys.

The beauty of seasonal tattooing is different! People change tattoos, just like they change clothes as per the season. Fans ink names of their favorite players or team logos during a Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup or even Olympics. It goes without saying, that different tattoo festivals that are being organized globally, give tattoo lovers a chance to add new designs in their list.

The beauty and efforts to ink the tattoo, is the reason why art of tattooing has become so popular.

‘Tattoos’, the paint of a different kind, has gained worldwide acceptance!

Music at work is magic!

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Music at work is magic!

It was one of those boring days, when I was just sitting in my office, doing nothing! Unable to work properly as my attention was elsewhere. No doubt, it was just another Monday, when hardly anyone likes to work! Thanks to the usual Monday Blues!

At half day, we got-together for lunch in the office cafeteria. We ate, hogged actually, as we had to handle loads of work in the second half. As expected, I was feeling sleepy after a finger-licking lunch! The cherry on cake was a plate of piping hot Gulab Jamuns, that I gulped down after lunch. I had to feel dizzy. Literally, I rested my head on my desk and fell asleep. A few other lazy employees, my team mates, did the same!

Just a few minutes later, my senior played some music on the speakers to wake us up and get us back to work. As one of the speakers was just above my head, I was one of those who got up immediately after the first drum was beaten. I was not just awake, but got a kick in my head! Now don’t think silly, no one kicked my head. lol Just like you get a kick in your head with a few sips of wine, I got a kick with the music that was played at work. Pumped up to wind-up the remaining work! Actually, I could finish-off the work in 3 hours and had an hour left for some TP in evening.

I then played a few boards of carom with a hot cup of cappuccino in one hand!

“Music at work is magic.” I said, as I was boosted to speed-up with my tasks!

Music at work, no matter what kind of tune it is, can be really a magic to help you wind up the work in a hurry. You just can’t go wrong while you work with your favorite music being played.

Music surely lifts you up from your depressed mood, relaxes you after a hectic day or even boosts you to get ready for a sport. The joy and excitement of music during festivals is different! Music at work is really different. It’s a way to concentrate on work and it does work that way.

For some employees, music at work is a mood changer while for others, it’s a routine. May it be an old time hit, a gazal, pop, remix or movie songs, it changes your mood, even at work!

Play it on your PC and turn on the speakers or put-on your headphones.

Music at work is magic, it really is!