Flavours Of Fruits- When They Are A Recipe, Its Different!!

Posted: December 26, 2011 in funny

Our tongue is a bit moody as it says “fingers licking good” if anything raw is converted in to a recipe!  Oh so naughty it is! So is our taste! Its different with raw fruits and its different when they are baked, grilled, smashed or fried!

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You purchase a box of these red juicy fruits and how many of those will you eat at a time? A few sweet and a few bitter they are! Reddish small little fruits covered with nicely shaped green leaves always are stylish in looks and sugar in taste! But the taste is different if we smash, grill, bake, crush or pulp them, the strawberries. When you see them as a topping on the cake with fresh cream above, you pick them up at first even before the cake is cut. Strawberry on cakes, it’s so different!


Seasons offer us grapes in red, black, yellow and green! Too many of these juicy white or black fruits will invite your stomach to make sounds. We eat them limited when we eat them raw, freshly plucked from the grape creepers. But when we have them in bottles in the form of wine, red or white, we say, “another glass for me, is fine!” Grapes when smashed in to pulps as Wine, its different! Woo Hoo!


Kids love it, we all do! A bar of chocolate in hand brings a smile on your face always. They may be plain flavours or with some dry fruits or nuts. We may like them plain, dark chocolate or milky white! The taste is ours! We just love it! Some say “no”, some say “oh yes, some more”. We don’t need a celebration to eat chocolates, eat lots of them. Oh they are always yummy for our tummy! But when we get them as a sauce on vanilla ice-cream or a Chocó-powder in the milk, we lick it. Chocolate as a topping on ice-cream, it is different! Its pulpy different!


We don’t eat this red tasty small-wonder every time, all the time. But we get eager to pick it up before anyone else, if it is on a cake. Cherry as a topping on milkshake, is like an icing on the cake! Its different! Isn’t it!


A glass of wine is always fine! A ‘cheers’ of liquid grapes in winters is a routine. Some like it red, others like it white! It tastes the best when it is taken from the oldest of the bottles! Wine gets a different shine, as a special drink for Christmas Eve or a New Year! A glass of wine in winters with ‘Big Fat Santa’ around is so divine! It’s so tempting different!


With a fear of gaining weight we eat this stem, just half a plate! Its a basic vegetable in everyone’s kitchen, used as an added cut-a-piece in every recipes! But it is different when they are salted-papered, fried and dried! Potatoes are on our lips when fried in the form of chips! With hot and sweet sauce on the potato chips, it gives our tongue a few tasty kicks! Salted potato chips as a starter before any dine is always fine! When they are sliced, salted and fried, they oat to be different!

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