‘Princess Street’ the area to ‘WOW’ at Fort Cochin, Kerala

Posted: December 21, 2011 in travel

When I look back now, I’ll surely say that my stay at a hotel near Princess Street in Fort Cochin, Kerala was priceless! I had heard about the place! For the fact that majority of buildings at Old Fort Cochin are more than 100 years old! I said, “what, so old, wow?” And I saw them when I was in Kerala in September 2011 for a round trip from Ernakulam-Fort Cochin to Munnar. It is a different place to be! Different in the sense, it’s not only beautiful and clean but also well maintained with 100 years old traditions and lifestyle that is still followed.

With winters being the best season, you will always see more foreigners coming-in from all parts of Australia, UK, England, Portugal, Spain, Britain and other countries. No doubt, Fort Cochin is one of the best places to be for nature lovers and for ‘just married’ couples! No need to mention for what! They just love it here!

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‘Princess Street’ is considered to be the luxurious and costliest, posh and best areas of Fort Cochin with all kinds of comfort amenities around. Located in the middle of Arabian Sea, Vypin Island, Mundamveli and Vembanad Lake, this place, Fort Cochin is a delight to be at!

The best thing that I recall from the area is its architectures, and buildings that you get to see around Princess Street. It’s a small area, but a clean and artistic place to be at! Hostelling and restaurants, shops and sea food being the best businesses around, you will see more foreign residents. Fishes of all kinds are sold here with Chinese Fishing Nets being the major attraction! Either you can purchase raw fish from the markets and let the hotels grill them for you or you can order a recipe from them. The choice is yours!

A funny thing about this place as I giggled about was the shopkeepers. They will entertain foreigners to sell out the arts from their shops. But for the local visitors they will clear out the price of any product at first, all products being highly priced! People here as I found are very open to talk to anyone! Especially the foreigners, they will smile at you and talk to you. You don’t need to know them in order to talk to them! Many foreigners, as I heard from the shopkeepers, are well settled in Fort Cochin and do visit again and again. Christmas in Fort Cochin is the biggest celebrated event. Yes it’s an event where foreigners and people from nearby areas come together in 100’s and celebrate the week. Celebrations of ‘Red Fat Santa’ at the ‘Christmas’ goes along till the ‘New year’.

The Princess Street lightens up with Santa and New Year in winters!

One of the best parts of being here at Fort Cochin is to take a boat trip. A package of 1 day boat trip at the back waters of Lake Vembanad gives you a glimpse of village activities and their art work, the rivers, canals, prawn cultivation and other sporting attractions. It is nature at its best when you sail along in the waters in your private boat! The journey towards nature through back waters in the house boats is priceless! And truly, boats are the best means of transport here in Fort Cochin to be in the nature, with the nature, as we were!

Fort Cochin in Kerala is surely a must visit place at least once in a lifetime. And ‘Princess Street’ is The Happening part of it!!

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    Good post about Keral…..

  2. arjungabriel says:

    Hey Manas, this is beautiful
    very apt description

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