Kerala- God’s Own Country- The nature’s delight as I’ve Seen It!!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in travel

34 Hours Journey From Pune To Ernakulam, Kerala!

I had been to this place, Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’! When I look back at my trip, I truly feel to visit the place again! I was on my way to Kerala to be a part of ‘Manorama’, one of the biggest and most participated exhibitions, in Ernakulam city. And when I came to know about ‘Onam’ being just around the corner during my visit, it was like an icing on cake for me! I got a chance to capture a few glimpse of ‘Onam’, one of the biggest celebrated festivals in this city of Kerala.

The celebrations of ‘Onam’ in Kerala are pretty similar to what it is for ‘Diwali’ in Maharashtra.

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People dance, eat, chill out and be a part of onam festivity. And what’s so special about this festival is the articulated flower carpets, banquet lunch on banana leaves, snake boat races, Puli kali and Kaikottikkali.

My brother and Sister-in-law were a part of this ‘Manorama’ exhibition and I had to join them later. We had planned to wind up the exhibition and capture the colours of Onam. A tour to Princes Street in Fort Cochin, nature landscapes and tea gardens in Munnar and other few places were on the cards! My journey from Pune to Ernakulam, Kerala, was a long 34 hour rout by train, Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express. The point is, I travelled all alone! Imagine being in a train for 34 long hours with not a single relative or a friend alongside! Sounds really boring! But this was not a problem for me though as I made friends. For such a long journey, what people in the train bogie expect is, good company to talk to and spend time with!

The train journey showed me some early signs of Mother Nature outside as we crossed Maharashtra state. What was so exciting to see for a change was the cleanliness being maintained on the railway platforms. They were not only clean but also huge! To add to further excitement and thrill, I planned a hurricane! At every station I got down from the bogie and checked out the platform, place and people, the food and everything around! Getting down on every platform and rushing inside as the train started moving, was a routine for me, not just for me but for many others. It was fun!

Most of the passengers in this train were returning home, Kerala, but for me, I was a tourist! Where others felt relaxed after reaching their respective stations in Kerala, I was all set to meet my brother and sister-in-law and plan a tour to Fort Cochin and Munnar after winding up our part in Manorama exhibition. The tour package for me including Manorama Exhibition, Onam Festival and places like Fort Cochin and Munnar was a delight!

All memories captured! And as they say, Kerala being a ‘God’s Own Country’, I said it too!

A must visit place it is!

  1. Mrs. Radhika Wakharkar says:

    wow! great discription! do write about the places you visited there.

  2. arjungabriel says:

    Excellent Manas, I hope to hear more from you about Kerala.

  3. Sushma says:

    wow mastchh…

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