Colours Of Life

Posted: December 20, 2011 in funny

My Book- Colours Of Life-They Say It, I See It!! is published…

Here is the preface-

Small things add that zing of joy to life making you laugh, giggle, chuckle and chortle. If that’s not enough, this makes those around you laugh too! You’re sure to laugh, at least smile, when another soul is chuckling beside you, and enquire of him/her the hilarity of the joke so you may be a part of it. And why not? Such is life! Life is fun if we believe so; Life’s glorious if we make it so! Right from childhood, through college, graduation and way into the work life and beyond, we hear silly snippets, laugh aloud, share, enjoy, party, and live life Elephant size!

As we grow up, we begin taking things way too seriously. Where does the fun fly off? Jobs, careers, and the maturity of settling down coerce us into practical approaches of problem solving pushing behind all the novelty of a lateral thought process. The open hearted laughter refuses to ring out loud, only to fade into a meagre grin. As we step on the professional throttle and “grow up”, we yearn for the glory of golden days gone by, and muse to ourselves with a soft sigh, “Oh, that I were in school again to enjoy those funny moments.” “I want to be in college amid all those hot girls, a bunch of stupid, random friends and enjoy the merriment of it all”

But then why not have fun in every age? Why not ‘nurture the kid in you’ in every phase of life? Maturity is an inevitable outcome of well absorbed experience, but how about letting the ‘kid within’ sneak a peek into the wonderful world around? Life moves on, so does the age. But so much for the ageing when your imagination is youthful forever!

Maddy once wrote ‘Roll No. 701 only’ on his exam answer sheet. So much for the stress on writing cheques correctly!

Face it, as you grow up, you’re all for getting the juiciest of these cheques you’ve been taught to write. The first ever pay cheque he earned, a trifling Rs.2500 pleased Maddy!

Colours Of Life are felt differently while growing up! The joy, enthusiasm, parties, food, fun et al persists without the need to be lost in the maze of maturity. Some forget friends as ‘they’ say ‘they’ find no time from work.

The fact is we don’t let that ‘kid’ come out again after certain age and so enjoy at times half heartedly. True Colours Of Life can be ‘said’ and ‘thought’ by all, but are actually ‘enjoyed’ by very few!

 Colours Of Life

This book is a simple message, “Live Life A Fun Way, Enjoy, Memorize All Colours Of Life, Only Then You Can Be What You Really Want To Be!” Whatever you do, do it with full spirit, with all the panache you can muster, and enjoy every tiny bit of it!

To read the book further you can buy it from the following link.

Thanks for the support,

Happy Reading

  1. Sanyal says:

    If the preface is so interesting ….. the book will surely be more interesting……Well written manas

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