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Oh So Funny

Posted: November 26, 2011 in funny

‘He’, ‘She’ & The ‘Kids’, Oh So Funny!!

He will scream a loud at others who overtake his car from a wrong side, but will do the same at the next corner with a faster ride.

He might shut someone up from behind for a loud horn blown of his bike at the red signal, but would blow his own at the next one.

He might shout a man, in a van, for drinking and driving, but for him, a sip of wine at late night before a ride, is fine!

A common man, such a funny man he is!

Cricket might be his tradition with a particular player as his God, but visiting a temple might make him feel a bit odd.

He will sit in front of the idiot box, like a fox, with bubbles of soda and whiskey on the rocks.

With a victory for his team, he cheers some more, and for a loss he still drinks like an angry boss.

A common man, oh so funny!

She might giggle at the nail paint of a lady in red, then might put the same on her nails, at home in bed.

She will walk for hours in a mall for a list of purchase in hand, and will return home with nothing else but a comb.

In her kitty party she will eat like a hungry snake saying “it’s so yummy”, but with her husband’s friends around she says, “Oh enough for my tummy”

A common man, she’s too funny!

He will eat the mud on the ground, but for a glass of milk, he will make his mamma follow him on a merry go round.

He will taste every toy of his, but for the food he makes lots of fiss.

For anything he needs he will cry, oh so difficult to know if it’s not a lie.

Kids they are! Funniest ain’t they?